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1) An entertainment superstore, specifically Hastings, which contains new and used books, CD's, movies and novelty T-shirts which are usually next to trashy party/board games. An additional feature which a 1066 may or may not contain is a self-serve, "complimentary" coffee kiosk at 25 cents a cup, though it is usually referred to as "free" because very few people actually pay for it. Different varieties of coffee are featured each day, the most notorious being "Jamaican Me Crazy". In small college towns with little variety such as Auburn Alabama, a 1066 often become a strange and degenerate cultural nexus.

2) A disappointment, in reference to the chain of entertainment super stores.
1) "There's nothing to do in this godforsaken shit hole, let's go to 1066."

2) "This place looked promising on the outside, but it's really just an extremely limited selection of things on Amazon.com masquerading as a tantalizing local dive. Classic 1066 man..."
by sabot1 August 09, 2009
A stupid NES game where you're a fat penguin and have to avoid food.
"Hey let's play Dream Penguin Adventure."

"No, lets not."
by sabot1 August 10, 2009

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