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When you fall in "love" after only glancing at someone.
See also lust.
Boy sees girl. Boy falls in like.
by Sabishii211 May 11, 2004
Shifty eyes.
"What are you plotting?"
"I suggest we bake a cake."
by Sabishii211 March 26, 2004
Most uber band ever. They pwn everyone and everything.
So we stay,
Until the ground that we can’t come down from,
Splits us away.
Maybe stars know why we fall,
I just wish they were thinking out loud,
Oh, I could wish all night.
-Thousand Mile Wish
by Sabishii211 April 28, 2004
Techno group.
Good songs:
-Shalala lala
My heart goes shalala lala..
by Sabishii211 April 28, 2004
Kick ass band. Famous from flashes Shfifty-five, Mario Twins, Cereal Bawks, and Bang Bang Bang. They pronounce "idiot" as "idioth". Nice song.
Soccer.. soccer.. soccer.. soccer..
Know what I mean? Know what I mean?
Rubix.. rubix.. rubix.. rubix..
by Sabishii211 May 11, 2004
Tales of the Blode
"I Can't Stop Raving"
Also by Dune. Aha. Best song.
Come and take a trip with me,
To a land where love is free,
Follow me into the light,
Everything's gonna be all right.

Just to go and take my hand,
I will show you promised land,
Stay with me in paradise,
So our future can be nice.

I can't stop raving,
I can't stop raving,
I can't stop raving,
I can't stop raving..
by Sabishii211 March 27, 2004
That Russian guy who sings the song Tanz Brüderchend from the A Frightened Boy flash. Remixed by techno artist Hyperactive makes for an uber song.
Once there was a little boy.
He lived in a place where bad things happened.
He was afraid that he would be brutally killed,
Just like all the other little children had been.
And then, one day, along came a crab.
The boy tried to ignore the crab,
But it just stayed behind him.
by Sabishii211 March 27, 2004

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