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A reasonable store, with clothes that have pretty good quality. Now updated w/ the new A87 logo. Appeals to boys and girls ranging from about 8-18. Many people say its a "wanna-be" prep store, when in actuality, Hollister, is not preppy, more surfer-like. Much less expensive than Abercrombie, & Hollister. When not on sale shirts can range from about $8-$25, jackets: $20-80, jeans: $15-40. When on sale prices can be up to 70%. Hollister, A&E,& A & F have nice things too, but are much more pricey. Nice stuff, good quality, inexpensive. For the middle-class family. If you dont like it, dont even bother to look at the store. & get over your "fake" preppy selves :) ! & A&F, and Hollister are tying to sell there stuff way less expensive because they may be going out of business.
Claudia: - I like your shirt :). Where did you get it.
Ashton: - Aeropostale! It was only 11 bucks!
Claudia: - Cool, thats much less than Hollister.
Ashton: - I know, Hollister is okay too, but Aeropostale is wayy much better for your wallet, and personal style
by sabbi90 February 11, 2010

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