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greenwich is a wealthy town in connecticut, known for its abundance of wall street tycoons, celebrities, and most of all, drug-addicted, alcoholic, asshole-ish teenagers.

the majority of the 2700+ kids at Greenwich High School can easily be labeled into some sort of group, but those who "dominate" (really only in their minds) are often referred to as the biddies. listening to one of their conversations is often entertaining, as they most always pan out something like this - "who's throwing down tonight? idk but uh i got like 3 racks. dank, and i got the nugs, so we'll be gettin mad swilled tonight....OR....fuck yeah man she was so smashed she booted everywhere shes throwing down again tonight." teens in greenwich are so bored with this town, so the lack of stuff to do has created the indifferent, drunk/high 24/7 zombies that occupy the schools and the town. it's super fun.
"man what are we doing tonight?"
"idk man but i heard someone's throwing down in greenwich"
"ill get the nugs and we'll get swillskied."

"dank, man."
by sab1012 October 23, 2009

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