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Tea also known as T in michigan. is an herbal incent made by Mad Scientist and the Lab Rat. most of the time will fuck you up
dude you smoke Tea?
Hit this once, itll fuck you up
by saa_annu May 18, 2011
A high grade Herbal Incense company that started in Cadillac,MI by Mad Scientist, the Lab Rat,C-Bone, B.C., and M.H. they produce products such as T, Darkness, and Herbal Alternatives presents: TEA.
guy1: Do you know where i can get some Darkness?
guy2: yeah Herbal Alternatives on Fb Has some.
guy1: but arent they only in one area?
guy:nope they run from Michigan to Mississippi
by saa_annu May 18, 2011

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