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Payton: an incredibly amazing guy with dashingly great looks. he's a very caring, kind and gentle person but he is also strong and knows how to stand up for himself and protect the people he cares for. He's charming, gorgeous, sweet, sexy and is nothings short of perfect, thus making all girls swoon. He's honestly a very nice guy and deserves to be treated with respect, not otherwise. Don't mess with him because he firstly, doesn't deserve it and secondly, won't hesitate to "un-mess the mess" while still remaining gentle. Once you truly get to know and see him for who he is and not what he is, you will be completely awestruck, dumbfounded and astonished at the simply awesome person that he is. He is lovable, funny and is the most amazing guy down to the core.
look at the gorgeous guy, Payton. Did you just see that stunning guy just that just walked by. He's strong, sexy and great at heart!
by sXl.11 June 05, 2010

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