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Pronounced "wuth-why-luh," It is an acronym for "What The Hell Were You Looking At?" Used as an exclamation when referring to a computer that has become so horribly infested with pop-ups, mal-ware, and trojan viruses that one must wonder what sort of lurid things the computer's owner has been viewing on the internet. Most appropriate when the computer in question has copious amounts of mal-ware that tend to infect those who like to frequent seedy "adult-content" sites. This acronym sometimes takes the form of WTFWYLA for the most extreme and disturbing infections.
I tried to use my friend Jim's computer the other night, but every time I clicked on something, pop-up advertisements with naked ladies would block my browser window. I screamed,"WTHWYLA!" and chucked his bottle of lotion at him.
by sIXfiNgeRedMAn6 May 15, 2011

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