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2 definitions by s3nd3r5

ridonkeykongulous, another word for ridiculous, but used when what it is discribing is twice or more ridiculous then normal

or if donkey kong does something ridiculous, or if it as ridiculous as donkey kong
Sally "My arm was blown off by a rocket powered banana!"

me "THATS Ridonkeykongulous!"
by s3nd3r5 June 06, 2006
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Snapstickas, used when you get surprised (ex. 1)

Snapstickas, also used when something is completly mind boggling (ex. 2
1. Billy "I just got shot in the face."
Me "snapstickas"


2. Todd "i have 10000 pages of homework."
Me "snapstickas."
by s3nd3r5 June 06, 2006
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