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The kind of Jewish guy that gives all Jews a bad name. He womanizes about women he'll never have and brags about his elite financial status to anyone within earshot. He has gelled hair that borders on Guido-offensive and won't get off of his Blackberry.

Alternately: he can be the literary type. Obsessed with Phillip Roth and Woody Allen and thinks only white, straight Jewish men are worthy of awards, publications, his time, etc.
Did you hear Jeff talking about how he got his tickets free from the owner of the team? He mentioned it only eight times after talking about his 200k frequent flier miles. What a Jewchebag.
by s0sarasaid October 19, 2011
(noun) - a forward Latino (non)gentleman who licks his lips at you, yells “‘EY MAMI,” or does any other lewd, sexual thing to try to get your attention on the street.
Did that creepapi really think I was going to stop on the street and bang him after he suggestively licked his lips and moaned at me?
by s0sarasaid April 08, 2011
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