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The "Extra Stage" song on DDR 8th mix (extreme).
The followup to the "Extra Stage" songs on DDR 6 and 7, Max300 and MaxX Unlimited repectively.
The Legend of MAX increases in pace to a blazing 333 BPM, currently the fastest song in DDR. There are 555 steps, each which must be hit to precision timing to the tune of the song, in 90 seconds. That's almost 7 steps a second! If you miss 6 of them on the Extra Stage, it's instant death. The wacky distorted voices mixed into the fast paced techno say things like "The FLY!" and "Fear..", and at the *insane* part near the end, it can be heard saying "you can do it.... you can!"
by s0lson August 02, 2003

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