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The ability to be attracted (romantically, physically, etc) to people of either sex.

It does not mean:

-Slut/sex fiend
-Incapable of having a monogamous relationship
-Equally attracted to both sexes
Jill is bisexual, but she goes out with more girls than guys. Right now though, she and her boyfriend have been together for about four months.

Alex is a homophobe and replaces the word "stupid" with "gay" in his speech, then lusts after Jill because "omg bi girls are teh hawtness."
by s0ck_ninja May 27, 2007
The huge-ass mosquitoes found all over the state of New Jersey (especially the Meadowlands). They can get up to three inches long.
(Points at half-inch-diameter bug bite) Fucking Jersey bombers...
by s0ck_ninja May 27, 2007
Anyone who buys into the shamelessly self-pitying whinetastic crap that is emo music. Simple. That said, since most emo kids are teenagers, they can't help being self-centered. A lot of research indicates that teenagers are, as a rule, brain damaged (literally, their rational thinking and socioemotional evaluation centers are decayed and disconnected) and thus go aound in a mask so as not to have to fess up to their confusion.
I was an emo kid for a while... now I choose not to label myself.
by s0ck_ninja January 18, 2007

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