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4 definitions by rzaragoza

When texting with someone over IM or SMS that takes too long to reply leaving you waiting and frustrated.
"She takes forever; texting with Sara leaves me textually frustrated"
by rzaragoza December 31, 2008
when a party or parties misconstrues the meaning of your statement causing detriment either unwittingly or maliciously
That jerk in the meeting misconscrewed me again. Vengeance will be mine!
by rzaragoza December 12, 2008
(Doh-tee) acronym for Day On The Internet
"Its been a fine Doti ".
Also: Yoti (year on), Hoti (hour on). "Forgot to bring my iPhone to the meeting, lost an entire Hoti"
by rzaragoza December 12, 2008
The back side of an Avatar. Mostly scene in games like Halo or the Wii.
"My Halo buddies use female backatars so they don't spend hours a day looking at man butt."
by rzaragoza September 30, 2009