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When one is utilizing the toilet for excretion and one:


One is said to have; "let one Rippee"
Person A: Damn, I need to use the toilet.
Person B: Shit negro, hold ya breath in there I let one Rippee


Rippee: Hey guys
Rize: You know what your name means?
by rzE January 11, 2009
A very very old word.
It's origins date as far back the Dark Ages, prior to the Norman Invasion of England.
It can be loosely translated as: "God"

Pronounced: rɪzɛ
by rzE January 11, 2009
noun - A name given to a person who has no pubes. Either because they shaved them off, haven't hit puberty yet etc...

verb - Used as a replacement for 'fuck'
Deano: You anti-social cunt, get some fuckin' friends
Rizeh: I got more friends than you got pubes you fucking plebb

Rippee: Am gonna go shave me pyebes and become a plebb like Deano!

We just got plebbed
I'm gonna plebb your mum tonight
by rzE January 13, 2009
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