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3 definitions by ryandyan

slang for a nigger, or african american. People with big nose and big lips resembling gorilla or chimpanzee family.
"you are talking about that monkey man? psst "

"Porch monkey sneaked in my house and stole my t.v."
by ryandyan September 19, 2007
racist term for hispanice person from mexico, centeral america or south america. Spic is short for hispanic which means mix of native indian and spaniard.

I would like to correct someone here, who said its a racist term to portugal and spain, which is not true. The term would'nt effect them since Spainiards and Portugeese are european not hispanic, therefore they are not spic.
person: hey spic watsup?

spic : Que?

person : spic .

Spic: voilently attacks.
by ryandyan September 19, 2007
his funny attitude which went alot with his fagety annoying voice really gave him alot of fame. Later started thinking he was some sort of a gangsta which was detrimental for his image and didnt suite him all. But wanna be highskool kids kept buying his albums. Later he tried to become more soulfull and intellectual like tupac, but in my point of view, it just showed how dumb and commercial he was. Atleast he didnt follow other rappers and keep making videos about bitchez and niggaz and hoes. He secluded himself and showed he had the ability to be different. But his real talent lies in being funny and stupid and pissing off people, like his first album slim shady please stand up.
"will the real slim shady please stand up , please stand up"

guy: yo eminem do you consider yourself a wigger.

replies: dont judge me just the way i walk and talk nigga.
by ryandyan September 19, 2007