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A female, often a teenager, who has stored an array of "cargoes" in her "hull." More than a typical whore on land, she often ventures into the high seas, in search of her next victim and often later wears the man's balls on necklace. Even though she gets around like a wheel, she lacks skill and the man is underwhelmed by her tactics, and in some extreme cases, the man cannot even ejaculate because he can only focus on how badly he has to pee. She doesn't have scurvy, but what she has rhymes with it (starts with an H). She's been tossed up more than your average baseball, but just like with playing catch in the backyard, there's always a chance you'll lose you ball(s).
R: Whatch out for that one track girl, she's a pirate hooker.
J: I know, jiggah, i learned the hard way.
by rusty9 June 21, 2010

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