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The feeling you have for an unsuccessful Metal Musician whom has clung to Metal, Oversized Concert Shirts and Long Hair after age 30 and has grown fatter and more sad with each passing year.
"Wow, Me and the one other guy at this show have some serious Mosh Pity for that guitarist hiding the beachball under his NAPALM DEATH shirt."
by rusty nailder April 21, 2010
Someone who goes to Any length to win an arguement and Won't let the conversation drop when it is exhausted even resorting to following you around making useless points to your back.
"Jeez Man, don't be such a Drainiac....You win the debate.....now leave me alone !"
by rusty nailder April 21, 2010
The sad, lonely, aging individual that resorts to dying their greying hair in hopes of fooling the oppisite sex into being attracted to them not realizing that they are Revealing more about themselves than they are covering up.
Woh, that poor dye hard should've gone to a salon...that looks like a cheap wig.
by rusty nailder December 14, 2010

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