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when a very good looking woman leaves a place of buisness wearing tight jeans turns to walk out and all the employes are staring at her ass!
on a hot summer day a very good looking female turns to leave a place of buisness while all the men associates stare at her ass with out a peep from them until she leaves the door way. then they pant like dogs and talk to each other about screwing the shit out of her! we gave her ass burn on the way out!
by russ sharp January 16, 2012
a person constantly asking questions that nobody want's to answer! just don't know when to shut the fuck up!
scott would stand behind people breathing heavy and swaying back & fourth asking questions that was none of his buisness , when he was told to get away, scott would ask more questions like having a Iowa Interview. ( who made you mad?, where did this come from, why did kenny break the calculator?,were did the lock to the dumpster go?, who is not here today?, do these tight sweat pants make my penis look large?, what are you looking up on the computer?),.....etc etc...
by russ sharp January 16, 2012
when you accidently spray another person in the face trying to show them on how to put a can of freon into their car.
Russell was trying to play the hero when a young lady asked " how does this work?" Russell jumped into action, around the counter, grabbed a can and aimed the nozzle toward the customer, and while saying to push down the nozzel, brain dead russell did that exactly, which giving the customer a freon facial
by russ sharp January 16, 2012
A salesmen who throws otherpeople under the bus to protect his mustache!
Russell the salesman sits at westtar drinking a hot cup of coffee while he blames other workers that he works with. so the customer will not relize that he is the cause of most of the drama!
the filter fairy broke libertys door while acting like a spoiled little bitch
by russ sharp January 12, 2012
when a person let's one rip, but it sounds like a dog bark
kenny would come into work every morning, squat like he's trying to push out a log, then before you know it, "BARK , BARK " would come out of kenny's ass. within seconds old man Don would walk up front and say " who let the dogs out!" kenny would reply " hi don! that was only a fart bark!"
by russ sharp January 16, 2012
when you watch the clock for the last 15 minutes at work for your shift to end and punch out not 1 minute late!
he would watch all the clocks at work towards the end of his shift, as soon as his 4'oclock work day was done, boom!, punched out and out the door without a minute to spare! he's the best clock watcher in this buisness
by russ sharp January 31, 2012

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