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3 definitions by rushringleader

The best Twitter application for BlackBerry and the web! It was the first ever application to give you push mentions and dms- even when the application isn't open. Currently Tweetissimo is an exclusive to The BlackBerry Zone VIPs but will hit all TBZ users once the alpha period is over.
Bro 1- Hey dude, nice twitter app
Bro 2- Yeah, its Tweetissimo, bet your iPhone doesn't have it
by rushringleader March 22, 2010
A second semester senior. Seniors in the second semester begin to stop caring about school work, and school in general, just looking towards their life ahead. Pronounced "S cubed"
Tom: Eh bro, did you do that stat homework?
Arnold: No way dude, I'm an S^3.
by rushringleader March 07, 2010
Occurs when a person, usually a waitress, needs to shift around many plates on a table in order to put down one more plate because of a lack of space.
Did you see that waitress? She had to play Plate Tetris to get all their orders on the table!
by rushringleader December 28, 2008