2 definitions by rushYYZ 2112

Combination of the words "prom" and "drama". Used to describe a stressful, drama-ridden afterprom planning process within a group of friends.
"I'm sicj of all this proma over what house we're going to stay at! I don't give a fuck as long as I get laid".
by rushYYZ 2112 February 15, 2011
For Pussies Only.

Used in response to an idea, event, thing, etc, that is typically associated only with someone who is a loser.
Guy walking out of Macy's- "Hey guys, what do you think of my new sweater vest?

Friend A- "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Friend B- "Dude, that shit is FPO. You better return it before you commit social suicide."
by rushYYZ 2112 January 05, 2011

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