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1. The pinacle of awesomeness, as good as it gets.

2. A short, but much cooler than everyone else, person.

3. A loved garden gnome.
Guy1: "Did you see that Boegly last night?"
Guy2: "Yeah man, he was awesome."
by runrunrunrunrunrunrun October 28, 2008
how good the fucking is, the level of intensity/pleasure derived from fucking.
Jim: "Man, last night the fuckulation was hiiiiigggggghhhhhhhh!"
Greg: "Ohhhhhhh you lucky bitch."
by runrunrunrunrunrunrun November 03, 2008
Like the word "jawn" but applying to sex.
Jim: "She sucked my meep."
by runrunrunrunrunrunrun October 28, 2008
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