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Those totally un-cool arm sleeves that were first worn by professional bicycle riders because they ride from low valleys (hot temps) up to mountain tops (much colder). These removable sleeves can be rolled down to the wrist, or removed & kept in a pocket.

Lately, runners and all sorts of athletes (term used loosely) are wearing these things. Very not cool. Who the hell do you think you are, Lance Armstrong??
While trail running the other day with friends, we saw 2 dudes wearing arm panties. We followed them for miles and gave them un-ending shit.
by runnerDel July 28, 2009
A misspelling of dearthquake.
Yo, i no it ain't rite, but dirthquake is one less character for me to type whenst i B bloggin' Yo.
by runnerDel September 09, 2011
Noun. A very minor tremor or vibration that causes a media frenzy while actually having little effect or no real damage.
Yo, bro - did you feel that wicked dearthquake this morning?
No dude, I was busy carpet sweeping my girl's rug and felt no tremors at all.
by runnerDel September 09, 2011
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