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short for "ad hominem," meaning a person is verbally attacking a person involved in the debate instead of addressing the opposing side's argument or position.
Telling someone that they are wrong in the debate because their motives are wicked is an "ad hom"; therefore, the moderator will strike it from the record.
by runandwin July 30, 2005
an easier faster way to type or say "jesus christ"
Jesus fucking x that was a gross video.
by runandwin August 29, 2005
how fast one's internet connection allows them to download or upload content to or from the internet often messured in Mbps and Kbps.
Right now my internet connection speed for downloading is appoximately 4Mbps or 4291Kbps. My uploading speed is approximately 280Kbps, unfortunately.
by runandwin February 03, 2005

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