2 definitions by rudytron

1. An electro-house and dubstep producer and dj.
His real name is Sonny John Moore, he is also know as Twipz, he's adopted and used to be part of the post-hardcore band from first to last. He's released five EP's and has collaborated with Korn, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, The Doors, Sirah, and currently dating Ellie Goulding.
1. I'm listening to Skrillex right now, and his music is like sex.
by rudytron June 20, 2012
1. To boast something with such arrogance, one forgets to clarify the evidence of their proclamation.

2. To do something as a bitch-ass mofo might.
1. "Rudy cut taxes 9 billion"

2. "Damn, Tyson bit his ear off nine billion!"
by Rudytron November 27, 2007

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