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3 definitions by rudikeegan

Evil practise of cupping fart smell direct from anus with cupped hand,then releasing pungent smell over victims nasal region,can cause sickness and vomiting
"Smell my cup fart" "Anybody has two sniffs of that is a greedy bastard"
by rudikeegan October 28, 2006
harsh violent damage to the scrotum, worst case scenario ,kick in the bollocks by a metal toe cap boot
"fuck off ,or i will give you a knackercracker you wont forget in a hurry ,bastard
by rudikeegan October 28, 2006
The taking of amphetamine sulphate to increase your sexual performance
Man I was wired to high heaven ,Iwas pumping away like a good un, I am Jonny Fast Pants!
by rudikeegan October 29, 2006