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acronym: short sweet songs. other way you can say this is by, triple S.
i love playing a S.S.S. on piano, sounds beautiful.
by rubchar August 11, 2009
when a class becomes unproductive and you dont do any work, you just chill and relax.
ho brah, this class is a cruise class, we no need do nawtin.
by rubchar August 11, 2009
Chill person, handsome, is a boy, very sarcastic, awesome personality. awesome pianist, drummer, artist.
rubinson is so rad.
by rubchar July 22, 2009
A girl name; Huong. A major vietnamese cutie, awesome personality. An admirer of Hello Kitty.
Hey dude, look at that girl, wow she's so kawaii.

Yeah dude, she is cute.
by rubchar August 06, 2010

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