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The minghawk is a beast that rears it's ugly and vengefull head usually around two-three hours after you've woken up from a nights debauchary. Sure, the first two hours are fun, "what did we do last night?" "did we really snort it all?" "dude, that chick had a cock!!" then around 11.30am, the gnawing in your stomach starts, your head gets fuzzy, an irrational paranoia consumes you. you realise that no matter how much water you drink, your mouth tastes like wool, you hate yourself and your stupid ass friends, and the drugs that made you this way "never again" you proclaim! and her work is done, making stuff that feels so very very good the night before, feel so very very bad the morning after
she's got me man


the minghawk.

rough man, stick in there, you want a pop tart?
by ruaridh August 11, 2006

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