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Used as a literal replacement for "That's what she said" in times when the full statement would be deemed crass and boorish, e.g. when in the presence of your grandmother.
"It was hard"
by rtac April 29, 2008
Her name meaning "Fairy Queen" shows exactly what she is. She is the most beautiful girl youll ever see regardless of any situation your in around and with her. It doesnt matter how far youve gone to have her go out with you, youll keep trying, right? She can be really competitive and still can keep a heart for everyone else. No matter how shy or cool you are, she will know who to pick from their roots and start the journey with.
Friend 1: *Shows picture of Tatiana to Friend 2* You like that dont you?

Friend 2: No...

*Short pause*

Friend 2: Sorta :$
by RTac September 09, 2013
An alcoholic beverage made by "Car-bombing" a shot of Goldschlager into a glass of Old Style Beer. That is, the shot is dropped into the glass and then the entire mixture is chugged.
"Hey, get the Goldschlager and some Old Style, I'm going to make a GoldStyle.
by rtac September 28, 2008

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