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Entertainment news created by the mass media to instill fear, uncertainty and/or doubt (see: FUD), either by fabrication of false facts or twisting of words. Often accompanied by bold fonts and flashy graphics, and presented by an individual who speaks flamboyantly (example: Bill O'Reilly).

More often than not the news piece has no bearing on a person's daily life, but they must feel obligated to experience any or all of the following; anger, guilt, hatred, outrage, panic, resentment, shame.
Fox News is such a hot-bed of dramatainment. Every day there is a new story about the latest thing that will poison you, rape you, steal your money and children, make you unable to function as a grounded, logical human being or kill you in a dark alley.
by RSKuroi March 31, 2011
Any person who allows an inexperienced induhvidual access to or instructions for something said induhvidual would never be able to comprehend on their own. Similar to an enabler, but wherein the enabled will usually only continue to harm themselves, the enoobled induhvidual will then continue to propagate their incompetence.
"When I was babysitting my neighbor's kid, I let him play Counter Strike for a little while. No harm, right?"
"You did what? Don't be an enoobler like that, the world doesn't need another AWP whore!"
by rskuroi October 04, 2009

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