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Something, anything, like a used kleenex, or a picture of a white wall. An empty cup of coffee, or just a simple poem made up of three words. Maybe a painting that shows nothing but darkness, or a thirty minute video of a stoplight.

Something that has so much artistic value, hard work, and talent put into it, that it can sell for millions of dollars, even though it looks like something a two-year-old kid with no arms could make.

Super Art is more valuable than regular art, because no one, absolutely no one, can do it unless they go to a super expensive art school. It also sells for lots of money, generally to rich white people

Most super artists earn their talent from school, unlike regular artists who struggled and worked hard to be where they are.

Some say that Super Art is not real art, but they are just uncultured and ignorant. They don't see the meaning behind that scrunched-up newspaper because they probably didn't graduate from college.
Person 1: Look at that painting.
Person 2: ... It's just a canvas painted all black.
Person 1: Isn't it beautiful? How much is it? - Two million?! I'll take it!
Person 2: Are you crazy?! That's not even art!
Person 1: It's more than art, it's SUPER ART.
by rrangel January 29, 2011

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