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4 definitions by rpattzlawyer

(noun): An orgasm precipitated by looking at a picture of Robert Pattinson. The obvious conclusion to robsturbation.
Oh god, I have to stop looking at all of these fuckhawt Rob Pattinson pics! I'm going to die due to robgasm!
by rpattzlawyer November 05, 2009
(verb): What the ladies do when looking at pictures/videos of Robert Pattinson.
M: *yerp*

Y: What are you doing?

M: erm, nothing.

Y: Don’t bother denying it. I know you were robsturbating again. I can see his picture right there. I can't believe you robsturbate in the living room. Did you at least have a robgasm?r
by rpattzlawyer November 05, 2009
(verb): to touch and/or retouch pictures of Robert Pattinson, by the use of mechanical means (aka Photoshop).
Hold on, I'm just gonna robnipulate this picture of Rob into a firefighter. Now that is fuckhawt!
by rpattzlawyer November 05, 2009
November 2009: When Robert Pattinson and his New Moon co-stars seemingly take over every fricking social media source and magazine cover in the world.
M: Oh my god, Robvember has me exhausted already!

Y: Yeah, hopefully I don't die of robgasms before the movie comes out...
by rpattzlawyer November 05, 2009