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If you ever meet someone called Rhea, treasure your friendship with her. They are always incredible people to hang out with, you can always have an amazing time with a Rhea. The best quality about a Rhea is that they will always be there for you no matter what and you know they will be by your side! Funny and outgoing too. If you ever meet someone Rhea, consider yourself lucky.
"Hey, I'm Rhea"

":D :D :D"
by rparwani1535 March 08, 2013
Rohama is a Muslim name, and it isn't a common name that you come across. If you ever meet a Rohama, treasure your friendship with them. Their best quality is that they speak their mind and stand up for themself and their friends, ALWAYS! Rohama's are very cool, and you will always have a great time hanging out with them!
Hey I'm Rohama :)

by rparwani1535 December 25, 2011
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