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2 definitions by roxythekiller

This word means that someone loved and still loves an object, animal, person, idea, or anything worthy of love.
I love/d this movie so much that I just rented it for the hundreth time in ten years!
by roxythekiller February 05, 2010
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Someone who is “strutty” is over-dressed and/or over-styled in a vain and conspicuous manner. A strutty person is often in competition to be the most noticeable and attractive person in a group of people, regardless of time, place, propriety and good taste.
She was so strutty that she wore a little black dress, three pearl necklaces, a $3,000 weave, and spike heels to her sister's wedding.

He was so strutty that he showed up fifteen minutes late to his brother's funeral in a tailor-made Italian suit, diamond bling, and private jet.

Supermodels are paid to be strutty.

High school hallways are full of strutty teen girls.
by roxythekiller January 04, 2010
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