1 definition by roxy55

longmeadow is a very nice town and it thought of as snobby, but in reality thats only a small portion of the population. yes, people in longmeadow have money but that is no reason to hate them. the fashions of longmeadow frequently change but right now the latest fashions are: uggs, leggings, rain boots, hardtails, vests, and peacoats. most of the cars in the lhs parking lot are nothing special. there are few mercedes and bmws but that doesnt mean that everyone in longmeadow is rich. so if oyu live in east longmeadow stop whining about longmeadowers. just because they have a better record with sports doesnt give you permission
Longmeadow is the better version of east longmeadow, the neighbor

the ghetto, the shops, uggs, football champs, wealth
by roxy55 March 19, 2008

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