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Bernice Jauch III, a fucktarded celebrity from YouTube (read: not really a celebrity). He originally started out on YouTube with 13 video diary entries that put his developmental problems on display.

To this day, he is surrounded by controversy on whether he is, in fact, an almost-homo tard with no social skills whatsoever or an amazingly really good actor with a lot of brain power.

He says at least 20 ridiculously stupid things per blog and has been known to cross-dress as Sophia, who in fact is his poodle.

--Hey man, did you see DaxFlame's newest video?
--Nah dude, I'll have to check out YouTube tonight.

--I'm so embarassed, I almost pulled a Dax and peed on this guy in the men's room!
by roxiface May 06, 2007
noun: alcoholic beverages consumed to achieve the state of intoxication.

When using the term building bridges to describe getting drunk, the "bridges" refers to the alcohol used to do so.
Person A: Bring the bridges, man.
Person B: No worries, S has like a gallon of vodka in his room.
by roxiface April 22, 2007
Something completely ridiculous and out of control, causing disbelief, unbelievable in some way, an event worthy of memory.
Person 1: "Did you hear that Kasey got drunk after 2 beers?"
Person 2: "That shit is bahjank!"

by roxiface April 25, 2009
1. to make drunk; intoxicate.
2. drinking alcohol for the purpose of getting drunk.

(In this context, bridges–noun: alcoholic beverages consumed to achieve the state of intoxication.)

This term was coined for comedic relief and to avoid sounding like a fucktard when discussing becoming inebriated on the upcoming weekend. Frequently used in the Orange County, California reigon. Coined in Tesoro High, this term started as an inside joke and grew from there. Use in front of authority figures (parents, teachers, etc) to make them go "wtf?" However, use sparingly. Adults catch on surprisingly quick.
Hey man, let's go build some bridges tonight. I got a handle of Skyy & my girlfriend just fuckin' dumped me!

Person one (via text message): Hey, what's up?
Person two (also text message): Neveronion.
Person one (thinking to himself): She just said neveronion.. Is she building bridges or what?
by roxiface April 22, 2007
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