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A Google Alert (automated Google Search) set up for your own name or pseudonym, with the intention of keeping abreast of references of yourself on the internet.
My Ego Alert is all but useless - if only my parents hadn't named me Charlie Sheen. None of the hits it notifies me of are ever about my blog - they're all about the actor!
by rossruns January 31, 2011
Paying for lunch/dinner for a group of people by credit/debit card, and then having them pay you cash for their portion of the meal. Instead of hitting the ATM, you are getting the cash from the other people; hence it is an ATM by proxy.
Last night I was running low on cash, so I asked my friends at the bar if we could pull an ATM by proxy - after a couple of rounds on my debit card, I'm all straight for the movies today!
by rossruns January 31, 2011
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