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fine,sexy, adorable,off tha chain,raps and sings cute smile dances the puff(good curly hair)pink lips over all fine!!!!!!duh!!!!
milly fine sexy long hair
by rosetta November 30, 2003
four fine brothas doing they thang when they do they thang how they do they thang.holla(omari said that)talented can sing, dance, act most of all they sexy..
b2k would be b2k
by rosetta November 30, 2003

A School club, located at Eisenhower Middle in Everett WA, against drug and tobacco uses. Not much help considering most of the teachers are pedophiles and the female ones are lesbian.
Student #1: Are you going to join TATU this year?
Student #2: Are you fucking kiding me?!
Student #1: D: But making Anti-Drug Posters is really cool...
Student #2: You are on drugs...
Student #1: I'm telling the teacher
by Rosetta May 04, 2006
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