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Computer manufacturer that makes everything from handheld computers (pocket size computer) to the gs320 (a UNIX server the size of a uhaul van). They also made good portable systems until they merged with hp (now their laptops suck because they only have 1 memory slot).
I have an old compaq system with 2 memory slots
by root@localhost August 23, 2003
A UNIX operating system that will run on basically any computer hardware out there (even alpha). LINUX is one of the most stable operating systems ever created and has been known to run for years before needing a reboot.
The only thing that will kill a linux system is hardware or power failure.
by root@localhost August 23, 2003
An extremley easy to use desktop operating system. Very optimized and compatible with a wide range of software applications and hardware devices. However, LINUX is better for servers because Windows tends to need to rebooted every few days to retain performance. After about a week of uptime, Windows becomes slow and incredibly hard to use efficiently.
Windows = ultimate workstation os
LINUX = any situation where reliability and stability are a concern (like db, web, ftp, proxy, dns, and news servers.
by root@localhost August 23, 2003

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