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To clear one's throat
HEM NYEM NYEM! (coughs)
by Rooster Cogburn April 28, 2005
creeping on your facebook friends' friends' friends'. That's 3 levels of creeping.
"I just creeped on my girlfriends best friends boyfriend and he is a shitty rapper."

"Wow, that is THE DEEP CREEP!"
by rooster cogburn February 21, 2012
The subject of a spam message. See re #].
God Damnit! I keep getting thse re 12 messages!!!1
by Rooster Cogburn May 04, 2005
1. A villain with crazy hair
2. The villian from Showtime
2. The villian from The Transporter
3. The villian from The Returner
"Frank, diiis guy is the one who put the bomb in your trunk!"

Ceasar Vargas says, "You are the TV cops!!!"
by Rooster Cogburn April 28, 2005
1. a steel black wheel or tire rim that ricers think look cool, when in actuality are lame.
2. The rim underneath plastic wheel covers.
He was too poor for rims, so he stuck with the steely dans.

See that really slow civic? The one with the steely dans?
by Rooster Cogburn April 28, 2005
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