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The act of a man speaking with a British accent while he performs anal sex on a woman.
Dave: Did you bone that chick Kristen last night?
Justin: Yea, she took it right in the butt.
Dave: How did you get her to do that??
Justin: She's a sucker for English dudes, so I just got her drunk and gave her the ol' minister blair.
by roofman August 11, 2009
A sex act whereby immediately following orgasm, the satisfied partner shouts "victory!!" and then immediately tasers his/her partner with a stun gun
Justin: Why did you buy a stun gun? Its not even a dangerous neighborhood around here.
Kristen: Its not for protection. Its for turkish victory.
Justin: What's that?
Kristen: After a dude makes me cum, I hop off his weiner, scream victory, and taser him right in the balls
Justin: Wow, thats some sick shit
Kristen: Turkish victory my friend
by roofman August 11, 2009

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