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A gay man in the middle of a gay threesome .
He takes it and gives it at the same time.
Timing is everything along with good rhythm.
Rod is just a giver and bob is a real taker but Ben swings both ways so he plays double adapter in the threesome.
by roodboy August 26, 2007

A woman who likes having all her three loving passages filled at the same time.
Generally by three different cocks at the same time.
She likes cock so much that she loves being the triple adapter in a four way fuck.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
A bisexual female who helps to impregnate her lover by passing semen from a man via a blowjob and eating out her lover with a mouthfull of cum .
That butchy bitch didn't want me to fuck her so she got her bitch to be the middlewoman and suck me off then spit in her pussy.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
Also known as the Double Adapter , this is the man in the middle of a gay threesome.
My boyfriend and I picked up this flammer last night ,Sidney, and we used him as the middleman.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
A bisexual man who helps to pass semen from his boyfriend into the vagina of a woman wanting to be insemenated by the strictly gay male.
He does this by giving his boyfriend a blowjob and spitting the contents of his mouth into the womans open vagina.
My boyfriend played middleman last night between me and that horny chick.
by roodboy August 26, 2007
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