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A complete BADASS wrestler who does what he wants when he wants. He doesnt care what fans think of him at all. He doesnt care if they boo or cheer e goes out there and rkos anyone who gets in his way. And sometimes punts them in the skull to injur them. Although he does what he wants and has tried to be pushed as a heel the fans cheer him and admire his toughness. While he is in the ring you can often hear really really loud chants of RKO! RKO! RKo! He used to act as a pretty cocky bragging boy. But as he got older started to act more of a psychotic acting badass beast. Also sort of manipulative. Fans love him as face or heel now.
Did You see Randy Orton's sick RKO on John Cena last night!!!?
by ronslasher June 16, 2010

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