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Filipino-Visayan word for "female" masturbating.
Nag tikol ako kanina. - I masturbated earlier.
by ronskee September 20, 2004
Filipino-Visaya/Visaya Sub-Dialect term for Prostitute/Whore. Specifically in Camaman-an and Pinikitan baranggays of Cagayan de Oro City.
Kapa nga minanga! - Fucking Whore.
by ronskee September 29, 2004
Filipino-Visayan term for suckling (as in milk feeding). Used in general, doesn't always pertain to sexual nature.

Supsupa - Suck it off (active)
Supsupi - Suck it off (future)
Gisupsup - Sucked
Supsupa ang gasolina, para mudagan sa "hose". - Suck the gasoline out so that it'll start flowing in the hose.

Supsupi sa nang mangga, ayha paaka. - Suck the mango before biting it.

Gisupsup ni Juan iyang pag-kaon ganina. - John sucked off his food earlier.
by ronskee September 20, 2004
Filipino-Visaya slang term of licking, mostly used in a sexual level.

Tila - Root Word, lick
Magpatila - To get licked
Patila - To lick
Nagpatila - Got Licked
Tilai - the letter "I" modifies the word so that it would mean "Lick Me" (First Person), or "Lick It/That/etc" for the third person
Tilaan - "An" modifies the word to make it a Transitive Verb (see example below) for the third person
Gitilaan - past tense of Tilaan in the active voice.
Magpatila ko unya. - I want to get licked
Patila ko sa imong bilat. - I want to lick your pussy.
Nagpatila ko sa akong uyab kaganina. - I had my girlfriend licked me.
Tilai ko be! - Lick Me!
Tilaan nako ka karon. - I'm going to lick you.
by ronskee September 20, 2004

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