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2 definitions by ronniejamesdio

(n). Descriptive noun for a hunk of man meat with perfect hair and an empty brain. A dim-witted combination of the school quarterback, prom king, and guys named Chad. Can usually be found in the wild at fraternity houses, in camaro/bmw/H2s, and/or supplying unprovoked high fiving in drinking establishments. Ironically many of the species are actually named Chad.
That no-talent ass clown Keanu Reeves is a quarterback chad (johnny utah).
by ronniejamesdio June 20, 2006
(n) A descriptive noun used to describe an event as less than perfect. Derived from the Latin ceralus picnicus that tells of a misguided suitor that was so lame he brought only cereal to a picnic date.
Let's blow this party - with all the quarterback chads and lindsay hiltons it's turned out to be a cereal picnic.
by ronniejamesdio June 20, 2006