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A very awesome Volkswagen that could stand up to many muscle cars of its time, gifted with ahead of its time German engineering and superb handling. This is a car to great to be handled my ricers, which is why it has been kept a secret. Unfortunately, certain year models had a few common and annoying flaws which lowered the reputation of the Scirocco, But I assure you the 1981 Volkswagen Scirocco "S" is a very excellent car made to beat 2003 Minicoopers (the red "57" model) in the SCCA and yes while still stock it can out perform the majority of ricers in this new era even though it was made more than 20 years ago.
I've never seen that car before. It looks average I am sure it wont do to much. There it goes peeling out half the way through 1st and squeeling into 2nd. OMFG!!!! WTF is that fire breathing dragon raping the track and pillaging the ricers of what little self-esteem they conjured up to come to the races? It's a damned DEMON!!! It just smoked a brand new '03 MiniCooper! All I can see is a gray blur weaving in harmony with the bright orange cones and All I can hear its beautiful humming tone and a few squeels of acceleration through the hard turns and a drunk hick yelling "woohoo! Get Er Done!!!" It just stormed past the finish line. I can see the front. It has a bright red "VW" symbol on the grill. It calmly cruises by me as if it had just gone for a Sunday drive and now I can see the back. In bright red letters it reads "Volkswagen Scirocco S..." IN-CRED-IBLE!
by ronin January 31, 2005
Street Slang

To insert your penis into a vagina and slam into it forcefully.
She's so hot! I wanna Pound the Snootch!
by Ronin June 16, 2006
This is the term for fucking, or going deep into som-one, this originated from a European boy who proclaimed "I am The Plunger! and i shall Plunge Thee"
Mr.Man: "Oh man your so gonna get plunged, im gonna plunge you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week"
by Ronin November 04, 2004
As in I did not expect to "feel" that way.
I was offput by the way she said that or I was offput by what she said.
by ronin November 28, 2004
A complete and total asshole. Beyond the realm of bastard or shithead; a douchebag is a title given to those not only showing exceptional skill in being a total prick, but taking above-average enjoyment in their dirty deed. To appropriatly call someone a "douchebag" they need to be at least an asshole, but have at least a hint of malice in their actions.
"That dude broke into a house, killed the dog, raped the wife in front of the family, then drank the last of the beer! What a douchebag!"
by ronin July 09, 2004
A once great clanless player and master of Counter-Strike 1 and 2 who normally went by ronin until he became the DrunKeN GoD due to excessive amounts of rum and coke, (mostly Heaven Hill rum but sometimes Captain Morgan.) When he achieves the perfect state of drunkeness becomes nearly invincible racking up scores of kills in the double digits while obtaining zero deaths. When he has surpassed his limits he tends to have much fun blocking, stabbing, flashing and shooting his teammates. Though he specifically chooses and targets certain teammates, normally those who are cocky pricks. But he will still have fun with the "cool" teammates who aer his "homies." His skills and personality commends respect.
Opponent 1: Wow that guy is pretty good for a fucked drunk who can't even type.
Opponent 2: wtf now he's killin his own teammates.
Friend 1: God damnit stop you fuckign prick!
Friend 2: lol hahaahaha
ronin: lololololz q:- )
by ronin February 18, 2005
a car that, if modifed correctly, would smash on all the punk ass V-8'ers. Forced induction rules over displacement!

Fuck american muscle!

tuner ricer import]
rice burners smoke V-8's
by ronin March 23, 2005

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