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3 definitions by rondizzle

Usualy by the time you actually hear this phrase verbally you figure out what it means within a few seconds or you die. Usually said when someone is taking something". Most likely used in a very forceful context.
"Gimme your jacket, Bitch! Run that shit!"

"Run that Watch,playa"
by rondizzle February 26, 2006
30 17
Usually a slang term only used by new Yorkers. It is synonymous with son or homie.
Aiyyo god, lets smoke a l' later
by rondizzle March 15, 2006
19 36
A racial slur referring to Koreans since they stereotypically have the largest heads of all asians.
"Sarah* Kim is the biggest buckethead, gook bitch in the country!"

*Names are made up.
by Rondizzle January 10, 2006
63 205