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While attending the prestigious ASU Math-Science Honors Program a student scribbled in his test booklet an answer that is supposedly true in quasi-static quantum singularities;

If f(x)=e^2x + e^-2x, then in n-dimensional subspaces of a 12-dimensional multi-versus the derivative of f(x) is as follows;

But... we don't exist in singularities, so the answer was marked wrong.
"Dude, you should just use Minh's Theorem."

"I used Minh's Theorem... once..."
by ron2d2 July 24, 2009
The one supplement guaranteed to enhance your performance on homework, tests, and everything in between. Ginkgo increases the flow of blood to your brain, although no real study has been performed by the FDA or large research groups the supplement is often used to enhance memory on a short-term basis. Note, taken with coffee will increase the effect, but is not recommended.
by ron2d2 February 07, 2009
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