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It happens when an athlete or coach appears on Jim Rome's radio show (nicknamed "The Jungle") or his TV show and then wins their next game and most of the time has a great game individually to go along with it.

Jungle karma can also backfire if you back out on your commitment to come on. If you do that you lose the game, have a bad game, or get hurt for jerking with the karma.
Athletes and coaches should never mess with the jungle karma.
by rome clone November 01, 2004
A radio host that isn't afraid to tell it like it is which is one of the reasons he is so popular and also hated too.
Jim Rome is the best host on talk radio.
by rome clone November 01, 2004
a violent destructive whirling wind accompanied by a funnel shaped cloud that progresses in a narrow path over the land taking out everything in its path.
A tornado tore through Johnny's village and destroyed it in 30 seconds.
by rome clone November 12, 2004
A very large individual who poses as a comedian and actor. He was known to show up drunk when he was host of Family Feud.
Louie Anderson, would you say he is pushing about five hundred pounds?
by rome clone November 11, 2004
1. a forked bone in front of the breastbone in a bird consisting chiefly of the two clavicles fused at their median or lower end.

2. football formation, a variation of the T formation in which the halfbacks line up farther from the line of scrimmage than the fullback does.
Willis and Arnold broke the wishbone at Thanksgiving dinner.

If I were a football coach I would run the wishbone.
by rome clone December 01, 2004
The founder of the navy, not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin bassist.
John Paul Jones the navy guy is greater than the bassist John Paul Jones.
by rome clone November 11, 2004

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