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Something to say when you see a particularly unfortunate looking woman with children. It's considered a subtle way of pointing out a troll in the vicinity.

Opposite of I can see how that happened.
First example:
Guy #1: Oh my God, that woman hurts my eyes. How'd she get so many kids?
Guy #2: I can't see how that happened.

Second example:
Guy #1: Blah blah blah blah blah.
Guy #2: (nods in a direction) I can't see how that happened.
Guy #1: Thanks, I didn't look directly.
by Roll Here Eggo July 10, 2009
The oblong piece of plastic that is sometimes found in the handle of a gallon of milk. They are considered lucky by some human tribes and collected to increase their odds to win the lottery.
I got all the way home with the groceries and found a mickle still stuck to my milk.

I saw a gypsy at 7-11 buying lotto tickets with a mickle in their left hand.
by Roll Here Eggo July 16, 2009
A sexual act where a Asian woman pours sand or another gritty material on a man's ass crack and then proceeds to sodomize him with a strap-on dildo, slapping and scratching him on the back. Origin: Conan's second TBS show.
Dude 1: Why you walking so funny?
Dude 2: Oh man, had a Tokyo Sandblaster last night.
Dude 1: Alright! (high fives)
by roll here eggo November 09, 2010

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