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This is a person who's face is coverd in nasty zits and other unknown objects.
Ryan R: Dude, you are a pizza boy.
Jon H: wow, that is mean.
by roettger May 23, 2006
This is when you are expecting a lare sum of money from your parents for working all summer, and you dont get any of it because your parents dont love you.
Jon H: hey it is time for my money.
Lisa H: I think not.
Bob H: You got owned Jon
Jon H: Man i got ripped off.
by roettger May 23, 2006
A scrub is a person who never takes showers and he/she thinks look good is having nasty greasy hair, and massive zits all over their face.
Jon H: I look good.
Ian3111: No you look like a scrub.
by roettger May 23, 2006

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