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cucufate;spanish religious figure,also a funny name to call someone who's doing domething stupid,and aswell it's commonly a despective name to call someone.(these phrases are more appropiate to be said in spanish,or at least,any latin sounding language,like portugese)
that guy's got a cucufate face,who do you think you are,cucufate or something?.
by rodri May 26, 2007
S.S.B.B.(shitty shaggy bug basty)means any kind of insect of wich repeated copulation an procreation creates a problem to a specific person.
on wich case the affected person will say: fuck this shitty shaggy bug basty!(S.S.B.B.), normally saying this at a lowd voice making the neighbours pop their ugly faces around the fence for a dick shake.(note:the neighbours usualy are carrying a git bag-o-shit with them)
by rodri May 26, 2007
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